Apostolic Ministry Covering

Apostle Dr. Geraldine Whittaker  

Covering Apostle

The life of one person has always affected many. Spiritual covering is a grace or anointing on a person, more specifically an apostle or leader appointed by Christ.

As we go through the Bible we see more and more examples of how God used just one man (or occasionally a woman) as a covering for His people. It is God's way of doing things. King David was the "Shepherd of Israel. “Apostle Paul was the "Apostle to the Gentiles" and a "Father in Christ" whereas Peter was the "Apostle to the Jews" and Christ said that Peter was a rock on which He was going to build the church. Peter is a Father to all of us in the Church.

Apostolic Covering is in reality the covering of Christ. It is something provided by God to His people and He uses Apostles to provide it. Through this covering there is grace and blessing provided to God's people and in addition there is protection, accountability and belonging, too. To benefit from the covering of Christ we need to have hearts given to our leaders. The best example is of King David having given his heart to Saul who was the leader before him. The giving of the heart is a choice to serve and to care for your leader. When the heart is given and you are in right relationship then the gate opens for the channel of blessing to flow and you are under covering.

All believers must be in right relationship, and also, all ministries and ministers must also be submitted and under the covering of Christ. Otherwise the covering is the covering of men, or not a covering at all. The heart of apostolic oversight is to impart to the ministry. It has nothing to do with what the apostle “receives” from the ministry work; it has everything to do with what the apostolic oversight brings to the ministry.

The apostle over Missionary Network, Inc. shall provide accountability for the leaders of the ministry and establish a platform where the apostle can consult with, relate to, pray with and just sound off to.

The apostle shall be used to confirm and ordain candidates and other five-fold gifts in the ministry. Having someone else to interview and confirm candidates for ministry can provide an objective view that is often missing in independent ministries.

The apostle shall bring encouragement and blessings to the ministry.

The apostle shall receive the commitment of the leaders and members so that the duties and responsibilities will not become unduly burdensome.

The apostle shall have the oversight of all the councils set up by the ministry and shall be responsible for increasing the vision, building relationships, encouraging fellowship, imparting biblical principles, connecting with the global vision and personally strengthening and refreshing the members.

The apostle will provide strategies and spiritual entrepreneurial to the members of the network.

The apostle is responsible for initiating new missional projects because that is the catalyst which unleashes all the other gifts. (The apostle wants to see all the gifts flourish so that healthy organization can emerge).

The apostle shall function as a spiritual parent to those in the ministry and establish an ongoing relationship between the members. The importance of the relationships should not be eclipsed by organizational structures.

The apostle should encourage the ministry to make new generations, reproducing and releasing spiritual gifts and connecting the leaders through the bonds of relationship. It’s familial. It’s relational to initiate strategies to expand the ministry geographically and/or spiritually.

The apostle should meet with the leaders of each council at least 3x yearly.


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