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The apostolic council is responsible for the overall vision, direction, focus, administration of the ministry. The council determines vision, statements, basic values, and guiding principles.

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The prayer coordinator should have a very strong personal prayer life. He/she should be spiritually matured and gifted to organize, encourage and give leadership in prayer emphases. The prayer coordinator should have a good reputation in the Body of Christ and have enough time to coordinate and facilitate prayer events. The prayer coordinator should be identified as called of God to the ministry of prayer. He/she should understand biblical prayer and be able to communicate it. He/she should recognize that God makes a difference through prayer in lives, situations and nations and should be able to work cooperatively with other members of the prayer ministry and the leaders. He/she should be committed to the mission, vison and purpose of the total ministry program and have skills in planning, organizing, and delegating with a servant leadership style. He/she should be willing to attend prayer coordinator training, if offered, and have access to the internet.

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The prophet of the ministry council must have the heart of God. One who leans on his breast, “he then lying on Jesus’ breast saith unto Him, Lord who is it”? John 13:25. The prophet must be able to hear the rhythm of God’s heart beat; feeling His breath on their face, His arm on their shoulder. It is one thing to be in the same room as the Lord, even in His presence, but who is close enough to whisper in His ear; close enough to hear what He replies. A prophet is one who not only loves His presence but loves His heart and His desire in this present age; one who takes time to do nothing else but hear Him.

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The qualifications of those on the ministerial ministry council include having a strong sense of ethical principles so they may provide a strong, powerful and ethical pursuit of the ministry’s mission, vision, and purpose. They should have a solid background in the word of God.  

They should possess personal spiritual disciplines for the development of their own faith and walk with God.

A member of the ministerial council should have the ability to establish covenant relationships to build the ministry by relating to other intercessors with integrity, honesty and straightforwardness.

They should be able to invest personal energy and skills to ensure streamlined and relevant ministry materials.

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Hospitality and communication is a key component of any ministry.  Excellent communication is a vital issue, whether oral or written. Ministry is about service and communication which is a skill that enhances the viability of the work.

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Every ministry needs the input of spiritual mothers in the gospel, whether it is a church, prayer ministry group or an auxiliary. Women seasoned in the gospel are vital to the healthy growth of a ministry work.

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The members of the finance ministry council should have a strong desire to ensure that the Finance Ministry Council policy and financial decisions of Missionary Network, Inc. are executed in accordance with the established protocol. They must possess leadership abilities and increase understanding of the financial structure of the ministry.

They should possess good communication skills.

The council is responsible for reviewing the financial reports and evaluating the financial status of the ministry. They must be endowed with visionary insight to guide the fiscal plans of the ministry.

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The kingdom continues to place the highest value on the work of the priestly formation in any church or organization, because it is linked to the very mission of Christ especially the evangelization of humanity. “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19) Our apostolic origins, which bind us in communion with the Lord and His mission, motivate those who engage in the ministry of priestly formation, underscore the urgency of their task, and remind them of their great responsibility. This same sense of urgency and responsibility aids in shaping the priestly covering ministry council. Those who sit on the priestly covering council must have a missionary spirit, zeal for the lost through evangelism and a commitment to intercessory prayer. They can be members of an ecumenical organization or just members of the laity. Each member of the council should shall have a spirit of pastoral charity and an openness to serve everyone. The members of council should have a special love for and commitment to the sick and suffering, the poor and outcasts, prisoners, prostitutes, those on drugs, the homeless, immigrants and refugees.

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The members of the evangelistic council must be a servant leader and live an exemplary life. Each member must model the call, character and competencies befitting a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The members must choose evangelism as a life time career as a lover of the souls of men and must be totally surrendered with unquestionable morals.

The members of the council must be strongly motivated and a tireless visionary and must be a trouble shooter and a supporter of leadership.

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